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Written by: Debora Cahn, Directed by: Christopher Misiano
Takes Place: At the beginning it is three years later, but after that it is four days to one week after the convention
Broadcast: Sunday, September 25, 2005

Jed Bartlet
"The Ticket": Martin Sheen
as President Josiah Bartlet
NBC Universal Photo: Ron Jaffe
Three years after the nomination of Santos and McGarry, a much greyer Bartlet, using a cane, limps down a long hall at the "Dedication to the Josiah Bartlet Presidential Library". At the other end of the hall wait a group of half a dozen people. He says to them,
"Nice to see you, sir," C.J. answers.
"And you," he says. They kiss. "Look at that tan. I was gonna to ask you to come up to the farm for a week, but we should come to you."
"You'd love it, sir. Santa Monica's your kind of town."
"Not really, no."
C.J. steps aside to reveal Danny and Bartlet reaches out his had to shake Danny's, while glancing back at C.J. and says, "Abbey wants a picture of the baby."
"I thought we emailed you one." Danny says.
"Something she can tape to the fridge."
"Oh," Danny says, looking at C.J., "I'll see what I can dig up."
Bartlet then turns to the person to Danny's left and says to Toby, "Glad you could make it."
"Thank you for the invitation, sir." The two shake hands.
"How's Columbia?"
"Not such a bad place to spend some time."
After nodding to Toby, Bartlet turns to the next person in the circle and says to Kate, "I read your book." They kiss. "Gorgeous prose."
"Thank you."
Turning to the next person, Bartlet asks Charlie, "Did you read her book?"
"Load of hogwash." Charlie and Bartlet shake hands. "Nice job in Jakarta."
"Thank you. Just trying to get them talking." Turning back to the others, Bartlet says, "Don't anyone hold your breath."
Then turns to the next person and calls Will, "Congressman."
"Mr. President."
"Ways and Means?" The two shake hands.
"Backbencher. I sit tight for another 32 years, I got a shot at chairman."
C.J. says, "All set with your speech?
"I think so," Bartlet answers. "A little meandering in the middle, but---" Toby, and others, offer to help. "No, thank you. I'll be fine."
Josh rushes up to the group, "Sir, can we get you to---"
"There he is," says Bartlet.
Josh looks around the group and says, "Wow. Quite a collection of dignitaries. Sorry.
"You were saying, Josh," Bartlet prods.
"The President's here."
We hear sirens, see a convoy drive up and as they all go outside, a limo stops and out steps someone on whom the camera goes blurry and then focuses on his feet as he walks up.
"The Ticket": Teri Polo as Helen Santos, Jimmy Smits as Matt Santos
NBC Universal Photo: Ron Jaffe
The Santos/McGarry ticket is trying to figure out what it is doing Leo is given instructions on how to consistently pronounce his running mate's name and practicing his new stump speech before going on stage:
"Matthew Santos served his community for two terms as mayor of Houston, served his state for three terms in Congress, served his Country for 12 years in the U.S. Navy—
Annabeth corrects him, "Marine Corp."
"Twelve years in the U.S. Marine Corp..." Later we discover that Leo, who invented how a candidate should deal with the press, has trouble putting his own rules into practice. And there are indications that Santos is having doubts about Leo and Leo feels like a fish out of water.
Josh is trying to do a million things at once while waiting for their first Gallup poll. He tells his people it isn't life and death but he finally calls someone:
       "Get me an advance copy of this damn poll before I chew my arm off."
And back at the White House the President and his staff are trying to deal with the fall out from the leak of the military shuttle which they have denied having but are now sending up to rescue the astronauts. Investigations are starting up everywhere And Oliver Babish, the White House Counsel, needs to talk to C.J. And C.J. and Toby meet with Leo and Josh and they all realize they are no longer completely on the same side of many issues. And C.J. realizes Babish suspects the leak came from her.

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Donna comes to the Santos headquarters to see Josh for a job
"I'm proud to say that I've grown a lot in the last few months. The Russell campaign gave me some wonderful opportunities. I took an active role in drafting policy positions and eventually was promoted to the role of campaign spokesperson."
"Let me get through this. It's one of the more awkward moments of a lifetime."
"I can't do this."
"I'm good is the point. I'm as surprised as you are and rumor has it, you could use a deputy."
After a moment, Josh reaches into his drawer to pull out some papers with quotes she made about Santos during the primaries. When Donna says he said the same kind of thing about her candidate, Josh says, "Yeah, but I won."
"It was my job, Josh. You're not used to me being in a position of authority. I'm sure that's uncomfortable."
"I've got an airplane hanger out that filled with 500 strangers looking to me for direction. I've got a candidate who doesn't trust any of them. And frankly neither do I. And if you don't think I miss you every day." He lets the thought drift off and adds, "I can make a couple of calls."
She holds up her hand to stop him, picks up her purse and says, "Thank you for your time." And she walks out.
After a difficult beginning, Santos and McGarry work out where they are with each other. But the White House is not sure where it is with the investigation into its leak.

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