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Is it likely that a Senator would be able to hold up military promotions for local reasons as the Idaho Senator did in "Constituency of One"?
A link from "Alexandria" on TWoP sent us to a news story at CBSNews.com?
Senator Freezes USAF Promotions --- June 9, 2003

CBS "In an unusual quarrel between the military and a prominent Republican lawmaker, Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, is blocking final Senate approval to promote more than 850 United Air Force officers, including pilots who fought in Iraq.

"Craig says his price to unfreeze the promotions is the delivery of four Air Force C-130 cargo planes to the Idaho Air National Guard, which he says the Air Force promised seven years ago.

"The dispute, reported in Sunday's New York Times, has outraged Pentagon officials, who charge Craig has delayed important Air Force business over a minor home-state issue. One senior military official called Craig's actions blackmail, telling the Times, 'If we say yes to this, Katie bar the door.'

"Craig argues that the Air Force has come up short on a promise to station a squadron of eight C-130's at Gowen Field in Boise just four C-130's are now based there, a spokesman for Craig said....

"'We obviously can't operate like that,' a senior military official said. "...we can't put more planes in there without taking them out of somewhere else....'

"Defense officials say their arguments have had little impact on the Idaho senator. 'We've tried to explain the facts of life to Sen. Craig that the Air Force is getting smaller, not bigger,' one official said."

And then it happened again as a newspaper report on November 7, 2003 shows this may be done by other Senators:
"The Senate approves promotions of offices, but an unidentified Republican senator is blocking them from moving forward....

"The senator who is blokcing the promotions is thought to be acting in retaliation for a separate hold place by an unnamed Democrate on an Army general's promotion...."

What does the title "An Khe" refer to?
"thebigchill" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum,
"There was an An Khe Base Camp in Vietnam during the war."
Editor's Note: We found many websites that mention An Khe including:

What was that "AoA" that Leo's friend's company didn't do (in ""An Khe")?
"BigTomDC" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
  • "AoA is a Department of Defense contracting and procurement acronym for 'Analysis of Alternatives'. It is a congressionally-mandated report required of all new procurements. It used to be called a COEA, for Cost and Operational Effectiveness Analysis."
Then "TwoCats"posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
  • "My assumption is they were referring to an Analysis of Alternatives, which is formal process that compares the merits (cost and effectiveness) of different military systems being considered for acquisition. The Air Force has an online version of the AOA Handbook."

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