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What is La Palabra?
According to the episode La Palabra is either a California Hispanic/Latino organization or a national organization headed out of California. But a search of Google does not turn up any information on such a real organization. Our best information suggests this is a fictional organization made up to make a plot point.
  • NBC's hot topic list (after next week, go to the Archive to find this episode) sent us to this link: http://www.lif.org/civic/participation.html which has a list of real organizations that may be similar to what LaPalabra is supposed to be.
  • We did learn in our research that "Palabra" seems to mean "word" in some contexts.

Does Fidel Castro still smoke?

Was Vinick right about the area of a parallelogram, which he said was length times width, figured the same way as the area of a rectangle?
We heard from Paul Bleicher, who wrote, "Alan Alda, as Vinnick in the 3/23/05 episode answers a question about the area of a parallelogram as 'height times width, just like a rectangle.' Wrong, wrong, wrong. The area of a parallelogram is base times height; giving a very different answer than height times width (except when it is a 90 degree angle).
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