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by Ryan Adams
What song was that played at the end of "King Corn"?
It has been some time since there was such interest in music played on the show. This brought in a number of requests for information immediately, just like some music has in previous years. This, we are informed (by "westwinger247" on the Television Without Pity West Wing Forum), was:
"Desire" by Ryan Adams which is on his album "Demolition".
Amazon "Usually ships within 7 to 11 days" but they have other venders (who have new as well as used copies) who can ship immediatetly and at lower cost. And from the above page (if you go down the page there is a list of songs on the album and you can hear a clip of "Desire".

What were the background songs at the beginning "King Corn"?
  1. "Walking after Midnight" by Patsy Cline (from her "Greatest Hits" album)
  2. "Green, Green Grass of Home" sung by Johnny Cash (from his "At Folsom Prison" album)

What opera was Bartlet listening to in "The Wake Up Call"?
Linda Mayberry informs us this was the aria commonly known as "The Willow Song." from Guiseppe Verdi's "Otello".
We did find one album of Verdi: Otello at Amazon where you have to click on "see all 45 tracks" and it is "#39. Mia Madre Aveva Una Povero Ancella" but there is no sample.. Ms Mayberry also sent us a link to a page where you can click on #22 "Otello; Mia madre aveva una povera ancella (Willow Song), 8:13 (excerpt)"

What music was playing at the reception in "Drought Conditions"?
Time OutThe Paul Desmond-penned "Take Five" (the first jazz instrumental to sell a million copies) which you can hear a sample of from the "Time Out" album by the Dave Brubeck Quartet. "Time Out captures the celebrated jazz quartet at the height of both its popularity and its powers. Recorded in 1959, the album combines superb performances by pianist Brubeck, alto saxophonist Desmond, drummer Joe Morrello and bassist Gene Wright. Along with Take Five,' the album features another one of the group's signature compositions, 'Blue Rondo a la Turk.'"

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