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Kathleen York
Andrea (Andy) Wyatt is played by singer/actress Kathleen York who has a new album out.
We meet Representative Andy Wyatt in #20 "Mandatory Minimums", when she is a member of the House Ethics Committee. Although testy, her relationship with Toby doesn't seem to be free of caring:
"You went out on a date with the executive advisor for the Baltimore Orioles?"
"Toby, are you upset 'cause I went out on a date? Or are you upset that I went out on a date with someone who plays in the same division as the Yankees?"
"Honest to God, I'm not sure. . . .Just date the National League, would you?"

Later we find out that they were still married when the Bartlet Administration took office and that they had been trying to have children, including through artifical insemination. A year and a half later they were divorced though Toby is still wearing a wedding ring. Then over two years later Andy finds herself pregnant with twins and Toby starts a hard push campaign to get her to re-marry him. Finally, a few weeks before the twins are due, Toby shows her the dream house she has always wanted,
"...I bought it."
"You bought this house? ...How did you afford it?"
"Well, I put together some money for the down payment by selling my soul."
"...This is your house now?"
"Well, as a matter of fact, it will be your house if --- if you say yes to this. Um --- will you marry me?"
"Oh, Toby, you got to tell me you didn't buy the house.... Can you get the down payment back?"
"You're saying no?"
"Yeah, Toby. I said no many times. I mean this is an incredible gesture, but...."
"...why aren't you remarrying me?"
"You don't really want to talk about this, do you?"
"Yeah, I do.... "
"You're just too sad for me, Toby.... You're just sad. You bring the sadness home with you and you're --- sad."
"I'm not sad."
"You are. I don't know if anything can change that but I can't."
"I'm not sad." Toby laughs at the idea. "I take things seriously."
"I take things seriously, too."
"I'm not comparing myself to anyone. I'm saying ---"
"You're sad." Andy interrupts him. "And you're angry and you're not warm. You take forever to trust someone."
"Well, my father use to kill people for a living so generationally the Zieglers are making lots of progress. I wouldn't worry about the kids."
"I do worry about the kids.... Because instead of showing them the world is for them you're going be telling them they have to work hard in school so they can bone up for a life of hopelessness and despair."
"Wouldn't it be ironic if our kids were the only ones who were properly prepared?"
"Toby, I'm as serious a person as you are and I'm able to see the glass as half full."
"Great! Half full, half empty? Can we at least agree it's not full yet?"
"Well, this is what I'm talking about."
"It was a joke.... Did you feel this way when we were married?"
"...I'm only pregnant. Please, I take it all back."
"Really? Hmm. Did you feel this way when we were married? That I was sad?"
"Did my friends feel like that?" Andy's ankles are swelling and she goes to sit in the car. And a few moments later, she calls out for him that her water just broke.
Later about to give birth, Andy says, "If I would have known this was going to happen today, I never would have ---"
"D-Don't worry about it."
"No, I know I hurt you back at the house. I can't believe you bought the house ---"
"Bite my hand when it hurts." [#422]

Bird York
The twins are born the day Zoey is kidnapped after her graduation. In the midst of the chaos, Toby talks to the infants in their hospital garb.
"I didn't realize babies come with hats. You guys crack me up. You don't have jobs. You can't walk or speak the language. You don't have a dollar in your pockets but you got yourselves a hat so everything's fine. I don't want to alarm you or anything, but I'm Dad. And for you, son --- for you --- this will be the last time I pass the buck, but I think it should be clear from the get-go that it was Mom who named you Huckleberry. I guess she was feeling like life doesn't present enough challenges to overcome on its own. And, honey, you've got a name now, too," he says turning to his daughter. Your mom and I named you after an incredibly brave... woman; really not all that much older than you. Your name is Molly. Huck and Molly. So, what do I do? Well, you're going to need food and clothes and doctors and dentists and there's that. And should you have any questions along the way---" [#423] Naming the girl Molly was in honor of Molly O'Conner, the Secret Service agent who had just been killed when Zoey was kidnapped.
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