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Santos Staff
Bradley Whitford as Josh Lyman,
Rob Lowe as Sam Seaborn,
Jimmy Smits as President Matt Santos,
Matthew Del Negro as Bram
NBC Universal Mitchell Haddad
Written by: John Wells, Directed by: Christopher Misiano
Takes Place: January 20th
Query Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, did NOT have anything to do with inaugurations in January. That was decided by the 20th Amendment to the Constitution in 1933 to reduce the lame duck period for the Presidents (who previously took office on March 4).
Query The Bartlet for America napkin was, of course, from episode #312.
Broadcast: Sunday, May 14, 2006

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Members of the new and old administrations are waking up and heading for the transition. Jed and Abbey are looking backwards. Matt and Helen are looking mostly forward. Will comes early to the office and two things come up: There is an ice storm in New England and the press is wondering about the pardon list. He asks Charlie about the list as it stands then,
"Anybody that's going to add a little spice to my final briefing?"
"Peggy Ann Green."
"Granny Pot. Hot-diggity-dog. A final act of self-immolation before the hungry hordes."
C.J. says, "You sound positively giddy."
"Well, I was reaching for something more like mild delight."
Charlie finds this a little strange. "You enjoy being a human piñata on C-Span?"
"You never know what you've got until it's gone."

Turns out Bartlet called and added another name to the pardon list (although he later admits to C.J. that he hasn't decided whether to sign it or not). When he gets to the Oval, Debby greets him,
"How are you feeling this morning?"
"Lot of that going around the building."

Bartlet decides to make one final stroll through the offices as Josh tries to take a last stab at getting C.J. to stay but she tells him Danny is waiting for her at LAX. Then Josh asks her,
"You ever stop thinking of this as Leo's office?"
"No. Oh hey, I've something for you." She takes a postit note from her desk and hands it to him
Josh reads it out loud, "WWLD?"
"What Would Leo Do?"

Bartlet shakes hands with many of the old crowd: Carol, Ed and Larry, and when he gets to Nancy (assistant to the President's secretary) he asks,
"Nancy. How's your mother doing?"
"She's fine now, Mr. President."
"Tell her I'm looking forward to seeing her again soon, would you, please."
(This in an in-joke as Nancy is played by Martin Sheen's daughter and it implies that Sheen and his wife are expecting to get to spend more time together).

Debbie and Ronna
Lilly Tomlin as Debbie Fiderer, Karis Campbell as Ronna
NBC Universal Mitchell Haddad
And then he stops at Charlie's office and gives him a well worn copy of the Constitution which his father had given him when he was in high school. Charlie is going to be going to Georgetown Law school. Bartlet does finally sign the pardon he has been on the fence about. It is Toby's. After the inauguration, Debby turns over her job to Ronna:
"Your most important job is keeping track of who's going in and out of the Oval Office. The first thing you'll need to do is establish who'll have walk-in privileges. Usually it's just the First Lady and the Chief of Staff. At some point the President's going to ask you to take away his wife's walk-in privileges. Don't do it no matter how much he begs. You have the right to attend the morning staff meeting. I never went because the senior staff was already appropriately intimidated by my stern visage and dry wit. But you're young, you have a baby face. They are going to try and walk all over you. You should go. You desk sits right outside this door. You prepare his schedule. You decide who goes in and who doesn't. Your most frequent response to any question will be 'no'. Say it with empathy and you'll be fine."

New Staff
Janel Moloney as Donna Moss,
Bradley Whitford as Josh Lyman,
Rob Lowe as Sam Seaborn
NBC Universal Mitchell Haddad
On her way out of the office for the final time, C.J. stops at the Press Secretary's podium. And in the final scene of the series after Bartlet has opened a package that Mallory brought from her dad's things and it is the Bartlet for America napkin, Abbey asks him
"What're you thinking about?"

America the Beautiful
Sung by Keb' Mo'

People from the Show's Past and Present shown in this episode (first appearances)
In the teaser
  • Santos
  • Josh
  • Donna
  • C.J.
  • Will
  • Bartlet
  • Abbey
Act One
  • Helen Santos
  • Bram Howard
  • Charlie
  • Margaret
  • Ronna
  • Gail, the Goldfish
  • Annabeth
  • Debby
  • Kate
Act Two
  • Mallory
  • Carol
  • Ed & Larry
  • Nancy
  • Ginger
  • Ron Butterfield
  • Vinick
  • Aaron Sorkin*
  • Sam
  • Reporter
And two more mentioned several times but never shown:
Leo McGarry & Toby Ziegler (and a mention of Nancy McNally & Andy was in the previous scenes)
* Aaron Sorkin has never before appeared on camera in the show.

Santos Staff
Jimmy Smits as President Matt Santos, Matthew Del Negro as Bram,
Rob Lowe as Sam Seaborn, Bradley Whitford as Josh Lyman
NBC Universal Mitchell Haddad
Show Cast: Janel Moloney, Stockard Channing, Lily Tomlin, Richard Schiff, Allison Janney, Bradley Whitford, Martin Sheen, John Spencer, Dule Hill, Janeane Garofalo, Mary Mccormack
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