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Requiem / The Bartlets
Stockard Channing as Abigail Bartlet and
Martin Sheen as President Josiah Bartlet
Airdate: Sunday, April 16 on NBC (8-9 p.m. ET)
NBC Universal Photo: Justin Lubin
Written by: Eli Attie & Debora Cahn & John Wells, Directed by: Steve Shill
Takes Place:
Broadcast: Sunday, April 16, 2006
Query: Who was the unknown man in the back carrying Leo's casket? - Mallory's husband. He was seen beside her earlier on.

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We only hear the priest speak at Leo's funeral. But everyone shows up. In addition to the current, regular cast we see in the cathedral, Mallory, Josephine (Leo's sister), all three Bartlet daughters, Danny, Nancy McNally, Leo's Ex Wife Jenny, Joey Lucas and her translator, Vice President Russell, Former Vice President Hoynes, Ainsley Hayes. Toby and his ex wife Andy, Carol, Amy, Debbie Fiderer, and, of course, Margaret. After the priest finishes a traditional funeral service, six men get up to carry the coffin: Bartlet, Josh, Charlie, Barry Goodwin (who used to be DNC chair and is an old friend of Leo's), new President-Elect Santos and the man who was seated with Mallory (her husband?). After the service, Charlie goes back in to the near empty church to Toby.
"That was a beautiful service."
"I'm just waiting for the press outside to pack up and leave."
"You coming to Arlington?"
"Is that you asking or somebody else?" When Charlie doesn't answer, he says, "Relax, Charlie. Tell C.J. I'm not coming...."
"I'll walk with you. I don't think a picture of you and me makes the front page of the New York Times."
Abbey tries to make conversation with Jed as they drive away. He is distracted and pretty much numb. She isn't quite crying as she tells him,
"He would have hated this, don't you think? He would have been mortified that we'd gone to all that trouble."
The Santos transition team is set up across the street from the White House. They have a lot to do: choose a Vice Presidential nominee, deal with the fight over the new Speaker of the House, think about cabinet posts. Santos decides on Barry Goodwin as transition team leader without consulting Josh. He does ask Josh,
"What do you think about Swain for Defense Secretary...."
"He's a Republican."
"A little bi-partisanship would kill us? ...Barry thought it was a good idea."
"Well. Barry is wrong."
"Are you unhappy with Barry Goodwin as head of the transition team?"
"I'm unhappy with him as defacto Congressional liaison."
"There is an advantage to letting Barry handle the transition. It keeps you from having to say 'no' to all those people you're going to need when you're Chief of Staff."
When C.J. gets back to the White House she discovers Danny is there already. They seem to have an issue to discuss and both express the desire to talk. She goes first,
"You know when I came over Wednesday night and it was late and we didn't really talk we just—"
"I have a vague recollection."
"Did that make you feel bad?
"Bad in a— In a what?"
"You know— used."
"For my body?"
"Something like that."
"I'll work through it."
"You sure?"
"It happens. Women want me."
"It's just. I know we have a lot to talk about and I don't want to leapfrog any of it but it was kind of wonderful to just—"
"Not talk."
"Not even a little."
They laugh then Danny says, "You want to do it again tonight, don't you."
"I really do."
"I'll leave the door open." Life goes on.
Donna gets a chance to talk to Charlie and he asks her if Josh has offered her something in the new Administration. He tells her
"He owes you big. Anything short of Secretary of Commerce, you gotta challenge him to a duel."
"Pistols or sabers?"
And Santos is dealing with a fight in the House for the new Democratic Speaker. The person who looks to win will hurt his legislative agenda but interfering could be disastrous. And later Donna asks C.J. if she can crash at her place. C.J. agrees but that throws a wrench in the previous arrangements she made with Danny. And it turns out also to throw a wrench when Josh suggests Donna stay at his place. She tells him she already made arrangements with C.J.
"You didn't want to ask me if you could stay over?"
"I didn't know if we were at that point."
"So, it's okay to have sex in a hotel, but not in my apartment?"
"It's a step — some people get uncomfortable. I assumed you'd be one of those people."
"Uncomfortable with sex in my apartment?"
"Are you really going to try to convince me that I'm the one finds this all awkward and hard to navigate?"
"Thanks for asking, though. It's sweet."
Requiem: Leo's Funeral
Bradley Whitford as Josh Lyman, Jimmy Smits as Matt Santos, Dule Hill as Charlie Young, Martin Sheen as President Josiah Bartlet
Airdate: Sunday, April 16 on NBC (8-9 p.m. ET)
NBC Universal Photo: Mitchell Haddad

And Josh has a tiff with Santos about the idea of interfering with the election of Speaker of the House. But he also sets up a meeting during which Santos offers Amy "Director of Legislative Affairs". Ainsley has asked C.J. to mention her for the job of White House Counsel which C.J. does and Josh says he will arrange a meeting with Santos (although Josh makes it plain he isn't all that pleased with all this bi-partisanship). And then they spend some time with the Bartlets talking about Leo. After Bartlet tells some long story and they discuss Leo's expensive suits, Will asks,
"Ever try to pull that Davis cup thing on anyone else?"
Many of them says yes, but Annabeth asks, "What Davis cup thing?"
Josh says, "Leo used to tell these tall tails to test how gullible you were? Like how he played Davis cup tennis before he blew out his knee."
Will adds another one, "How he hustled chess games in Washington Square Park."
Donna adds, "How he was a train conductor."
Josh puts in, "Minor League baseball player."
Bartlet says, "If you were buying it the stories kept getting bigger and better.
C.J. says, "My favorite was how he almost make the Olympic luge team in 1962."
Annabeth asks, "He didn't make the luge team in 1962?"
Will answers, "There weren't any Olympics in 1962."
Annabeth frowns. C.J. says, "Don't worry about it. I made it all the way to Minor League baseball player."
Josh asks her, "Didn't you think it was kinda weird that after he blew out his knee he played minor league baseball?"
Will says, "I made it to dance instructor."
But Bartlet tells them, "No, no. That one was true. He taught me to fox-trot."
C.J. says, "Really?"
And Bartlet looks at her for her gullibility and they all laugh.

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