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So what was that music at the end of "7A WF 83429"?
"jlt" posted the following on the Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
"The Boston Globe's review of the episode said it was Lisa Gerrard's 'Sanvean'."

You can test this since Amazon allows you to listen to that song from the album "The Mirror Pool" --- you have to go down the page to find a list of the songs on this album and with them is a link to listen to some of the songs including this one.

And then "ms black" posted on the TWoP forum, "Yes indeed, it is Sanvean by Dead Can Dance (Lisa Gerrard is the singer/songwriter). I just checked my box set!"
The Amazon Review says, "The Dead Can Dance chanteuse ditches her partner, Brendan Perry, for this solo outing. Mixing middle-eastern drones, Balkan stringed instruments, Chinese percussion, and the European classical tradition, it's a singularly beautiful and mesmerizing album that occupies a genre all of its own. File next to Chant and Jan Garbarek, and be sure to alert progressive-minded classical buffs." --Jeff Bateman
Lisa Gerrard also did the Whale Rider (Score). You can get both albums together (there is a "buy both now" on the Whale Rider album page) and get free shipping since they come to more than $25. "The Whale Rider" music is haunting like this song. If you haven't seen the movie "The Whale Rider" you might check it out. Ebert and Roper have been raving about it for months now.

We just got additional confirmation of the music from Patrick Anderson who write, "The Television without Pity Forums was correct about the song at the end. It is Lisa Gerrard's Sanvean. Amazon has a 30 second cut of it. The CD is 'The Mirror Pool'."

What Chopin pieces were played in "Han"?

Blind WillieWhere can one hear more of Blind Willie Johnson's music that left the solar system (as mentioned in #513 "The Warfare Of Genghis Khan")?
Amazon not only has an album entitled the phrase Josh talks about ("Dark Was the Night" - Blind Willie Johnson) but offers a piece of the music to listen to. Also available is "The Complete Blind Willie Johnson", at which you may also hear the section of "Dark Was the Night (Cold Was the Ground)".

More information about the musician himself.
Blind Willie
Was that really Crosby, Stills and Nash singing "My Country Tis Of Thee" at the end of #514 "An Khe"?
Crosby NashJason Cali emailed us to say that "The song is contained now on a Crosby & Nash album (audio sample available on Amazon.com" It is listed on Disc 2 of "Crosby Nash" as
9. My Country 'Tis Of Thee (Originally used in an episode of NBC's "The West Wing")

Previously Sharon Simpson had emailed to tell us the name of an album that did have the song: "Oh Yes I Can" by David Crosby This is a remastered "...reissue of David's 1989 release which features Graham Nash, James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Larry Carlton, Steve Lukather, David Lindley and Michael Hedges. One Way. 2003." Bartlet says in the episode that Crosby, Stills and Nash had been there and they left this CD so it could be that Crosby handed him the CD and Bartlet thought it was from all of them.

What was that music at the beginning of "Gaza"?
Nicolas Picard emailed us: "The song heard at the beginning of #521 "Gaza" was Thievery Corporation's 'Indra', from the album 'The Mirror Conspiracy'. Incidentally, this is an outstanding album, and though 'Indra' is among my favourite cuts, I thought it a bit ill-fitting for its purpose in this episode."

28 Amendment
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