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Would the Justice of the Supreme Court of New York be considered strongly for a place on the United States Supreme Court as was mentioned in "Separation of Powers"?
Peter E. Perkowski emailed us "In New York State, the 'Supreme Court' is the lowest court - the trial court. The highest court in the state is the New York Court of Appeals. And he sent us this link: This information was also mentioned on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
  • Vineyarder posted, "...it rang false to me that the other judge he mentioned was on the New York State Supreme Court, as that's not actually the highest court here in my home state. The Supreme Court is the lowest appellate court in New York; the highest is the Court of Appeals. But the WW folks probably figured most viewers wouldn't know that and would have the exact opposite of my reaction if they'd used the Court of Appeals instead

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