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Steve MillerSo what was that music on "The Mommy Problem"?
The music that followed many people doing different things in this episode is Steve Miller Band's "Jet Airliner" which is track #11 from their album: "Steve Miller Band - Greatest Hits 1974-1978" (You can listen to this on the full Amazon page on the episode, just scroll down until you see the list of tracks on the album and pick #11).
What was the Mozart recital playing near the end of "Mr. Frost"?
It was "Serenade for Winds".
Alexander Randolph researched it and wrote us "Serenade No. 10 for winds in B flat major ('Gran Partita'), K. 361 And the specific recital piece was the third movement (III. Adagio)."

You can listen to a piece of this track from the full Amazon page on this album.

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