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* Imagining Josh, Toby & Donna Stranded in the Wilds of Indiana
With information from spoilers we made this page on August 10.
Then we revised it slightly adding information from the first page
when we prepared the real page for the episode
NOT "Home in Indiana"!
Or is it Pennsylvania (they filmed the Indiana scenes in Pennsylvania)?
Art Today photo.


3 Democrats
Imagine our three Democrats --- donkeys stranded in America's Republican Heartland! Two of our heroes are totally City Folk! Good thing they have Donna to translate.
Art Today photo.
Imagine what fish-out-of-water experiences Josh and Toby face in the huge open spaces of Indiana! (Are we sure that isn't Pennsylvania?) What ancient technology will they have to deal with when their cellphones don't work?
Indiana Indiana

What horrifying obstacles will block their path in their Quest to return to their natural habitat? What confusing directions will keep them stranded? Will even Donna be able to decipher everything?
Indiana Indiana

They will travel a long hard road, getting more and more tired and frustrated. And maybe they'll get separated. Will they all get home by nightfall? Or will they have to spend the night in the traditional hayfield? Or maybe among those fierce enemies of Don Quixote: Windmills.
Indiana Indiana
All above photos are from Art Today.
We do not mean to suggest that these pictures are from Indiana.
But we thought they gave a slight visualization
of where the story might go in the fourth season premiere.
Realistic, it is not! Nor is it meant to be.
These particular pictures were taken outside Indiana up to 50 years ago.
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