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We get mentioned in the press sometimes:
We made the NY Times several years ago. Just a link at the bottom of an article about the show. We were impressed.

May 14, 2003 -Salon
Will "The West Wing" go south?
"Whatever it is, I like it -- which makes it all the more frustrating that Sorkin is leaving the show just as he's starting to deliver exactly the kind of mesmerizing but appealingly personal plots that might win back a younger audience. Still, by leading the show into uncharted territory before exiting, he's certainly made it easier on next year's writers. Instead of being charged with mimicking the same lightning-quick banter we've seen for years (which they'll undoubtedly attempt to do regardless), Sorkin is demonstrating how to take the show in a new direction without compromising its quality. While hardcore 'West Wing' fans are probably horrified with such dramatic moves away from the show's bread and butter, more viewers are bound to wake up and take notice."
Although, we are not sure "hardcore West Wing Fans" include us, we love the link to our home page from that phrase.

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