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  1. I don't understand why this character even exists! She is portrayed as pushy, bossy, condescending and so full of herself that I have never understood what Josh is supposed to see in her that is attractive. The actress is asked to make her slur and mumble her words so much you can hardly understand her. She is just a waste of air time...just like Mandy was. Hasta Lasagna....don't get any on ya!    --- Kat
  2. I like Amy, she is bright, funny and her delivery is dead on. She is interesting and unpredictable. Her relationship with Josh is playful and a lot like many real relationships. I think she brings a lot to the cast.    --- Michele Porter
  3. I'm a huge Josh Lyman/Bradley Whitford fan, and as a possessive type of fan, I'd always thought that "Josh was mine." However, I think Mary Louise Parker is a great performer and Amy Gardner has a lot of room to grow if Josh lets her in. I loved when the First Lady was celebrating her birthday and losing her medical license and all the women were sitting around, just having drinks and putting their career selves aside, exposing their actual personalities, which are great. Amy can add a lot to the show, if Aaron Sorkin actually lets his most charismatic character get some for once. They're perfect for each other because they balance each other, and I approve and look forward to more.    --- Jamie Frevele
  4. I agree that Amy is not the most well-rounded character, but I do like seeing a different side of Josh. True, I would prefer they explore the tension between Josh & Donna, but since the writers don't want to play that card yet, Josh's side-relationship with Amy is fine. Most of us believe it won't last. - I don't really see why it's a big deal.    --- Liz Kohlmyer
  5. Why do we all despise Amy? I argue it's because she doesn't fit happily into our cast of regulars. She's frustrating. She's strong-willed and opinionated. She cuts phone chords and drops pagers into boiling pasta. She's the source of almost constant conflict.

    But what is drama if not conflict? All of the stress that Amy brings to each episode makes it, in turn, a good episode. One that I will be discussing for the following week. She keeps us on our toes, where we are always trying to see the limits of our attachment to characters and ideals. Do I hate Amy? Yes. But she's a necessary evil for the show.    --- Amy Sullivan

  6. Amy is a very unlikable character who is mean and vindictive. I like to think of myself as a bit of a feminist, but Amy gives this philosophy a bad name both in her extreme and unyielding opinions and in her basically offensive behavior. I don't understand the attraction. Josh could do SO much better. I sincerely hope Sorkin writes her out of the show somehow. Maybe someone could throw HER into a pot of cooking spaghetti sauce!    --- Julie Ridings
  7. My problem with Amy is that I simply find her unwatchable; she's like nails on a blackboard. I find her extremely grating; and her relationship with Josh is devoid of any real affection or depth. They suck the life out of every scene they're in together. Amy is supremely self-centered, condescending, opportunistic and immature. She's got exactly two expressions: a sneer and a blank stare. She's a female Josh, but without any of his better qualities. And the longer Josh lets her get away with making him look like an idiot, the less respect I have for Josh. I'm very disappointed that she's been added to an already large (and overlooked, in some instances) cast.    --- Suzanne
  8. Amy is a worthy character for one adequate reason. Because she is an equal to Josh, and Josh realizes it, Amy is able to break through that personal barrier in Josh, that he creates with his sense of humor and elitist attitude. Her character gives an opportunity for Sorkin to write about his more personal side, than besides talking to psychiatrists. We learn about Josh as a person more this year than ever before.    --- graysn
  9. Amy drives me batty, because she really does have good points to make. Unfortunately, those keep getting obliterated by her behavior: there should be more women in the campaign, and marriage incentives are idiotic. These things aren't what people discuss and debate, though; going over Josh's head in a particularly un-classy way in "DIW" and tossing the cell phone in the soup in "We Killed Yamamoto" completely overshadowed any valid argument she had. She never even bothered to explain why she felt prostitution and forced prostitution were the same in "TWOQ" when asked; she just stated they were and objected when Josh asked why. She winds up being the type of feminist that gives the rest hives because she prevents herself from being taken seriously.    --- Jen L.
  10. When Amy's character first arrived on the show, she and Josh had a palpable chemistry, and I liked her despite my J/D tendencies. But she's become as two-dimensional as Minnie Mouse, and annoying, manipulative, and opportunistic to top it off. Now she's just a ploy to keep Josh and Donna apart, much like Cliff. Sorkin seems to be trying to hold off the inevitible for the sake of UST, but he's really wasting the dymanic chemistry of Josh and Donna. He needs to either do it or drop it, but characters like Amy are getting really old, really fast.    --- Katie McClain
  11. Amy is completely insane. She likes to destory things. To start with she was in a long term relationship when Josh catches her attention by being an idiot. She never makes Josh look good. After a couple of annoying encounters with Josh, she drops her long term guy who had proposed to take up with Josh. She's supposed to be an intelligent person but drops everything to run off to Tahiti with someone she barely knows? I hope she is institutionalized before this attraction turns fatal.    --- Julie R.
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