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VinickPosition: Senator from California, running for President on the Republican ticket.

Played By: Alan Alda
Officially he may belong to a Protestant religion that has priests like the Episcopal Church. Unofficially, he has turned into an agnostic or at least someone who doesn't believe that that Bible is the Word of God.

Work History: Seems to have been the chairman of a Senate committee.
Where From: California

Food Likes: ice cream

What He Says About Himself:
  • "My father used to say, you can't trust a man who doesn't shine his own shoes." [#608]
  • "I trust my brother, my four children, my nine grandchildren and my dog." [#608]
  • "The Founding Fathers did not want me to trust you and they did not want you to trust me." [#608]
  • "One Christmas my wife gave me a very old edition of the King James Bible --- 17th century. It was a real find for a book collector. It was a thrill just to hold it. Then I read it.... the more I read it, the less I could believe. I could not believe there was a God that said the penalty for working on the Sabbath was death. I couldn't believe there was a God who said the penalty for adultery was death.... I couldn't believe there was a God who had no penalty for slavery. The Bible has no problem with slavery at all. Lincoln could have used a little help from the Bible."

What Others Say About Him:
  • "He's got a lot of California money behind him." - Leo [#608]
  • "Ever see Arnie Vinick campaign up close? He'll go into those high school gymnasiums in Iowa and New Hampshire and blow them all away.... and sound smarter and more honest than any Republican they've ever seen. Because he is" - Leo [#608]

Additional Information:
Character Introduced in #608 "In the Room"

More Information:
Jack Slevin reminded us that NBC has filled in some background on Arnold Vinick over and above what has been mentioned on the show. Although, not all of this information may turn out to be accurate, that is also true of information mentioned in the show since the show seems to contradict itself on occasion.
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