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Kate and Nancy McNallyPosition: Deputy National Security Advisor to Dr. Nancy McNally, who is often away.
Played By: Mary McCormack
Education: Annapolis (the top of her class at Annapolis)
Work History: Was a Commander in the United States Navy, Four years in Naval Intelligence, and a CIA agent
Skills & Background:
  • "fluent in Arabic" [#519] and speaks Chinese (April Whiteside reminded us to include this info)
  • she was in lockdown for seventy-seven hours once. [#520]
  • Admiral Fitzwallace was one of her mentors. "I had a mild tendency toward insubordination....Which he enjoyed when not directed at him."[#521]
  • Has held someone hostage (April Whiteside reminded us to include this info)
Romantic Interests: Has been married a few times. One ex-husband works for the State Department. Seems to be developing something will Will Bailey.

What She Says About Himself:

What Others Say About Her:

Additional Information: Character introduced in #519 "Talking Points"
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