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  #109 (Ed)

We meet these characters in the pilot episode where they have a conversation with Sam:
"Don't use those stats," Ed tells Sam.
"The assault stats," Larry puts in.
"The assault stats are wrong," Ed says.
"We got them from your office," Sam tells them.
"And we got them from HUD," Larry says.
"And they're wrong?" Sam asks.
"Even if they were right, don't use them," Larry says.
"Well, A) Let's make them right, and B) Why can't I use them?"
"The 76 year old grandmother."
"Every time we use those assault stats, Carr and Gilmore come back---" Ed tries to explain.
"Who's the 76 year old grandmother?" Sam interrupts.
Larry recites, "Every day, 17,000 Americans defend themselves with a gun, including--
Sam interrupts again, "That's flat-out not true."
Larry continues, "---including a 76 year old grandmother in Chicago who defended herself against an intruder in the middle of the night."
"Just don't use the stat," Ed insists.

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