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What was that song at the end of "Isaac and Ishmael"?
Jason Walling wrote: "the music at the end was Buffalo Springfield's 'For What It's Worth'. It can be found on a number of albums including the Forest Gump soundtrack." Les O'Brien adds that it was "sung by Stephen Stills. . . the national anthem of the 60s generation."
And Snuffy Walden says (officially): "It's a song called 'For What It's Worth' by The Buffalo Springfield (Stephen Stills's band before Crosby Stills and Nash)."

What songs played in the bar in "Manchester, pt. 1"?
We heard from Jason Beyer who said: "One of our songs, 'Instead' by Abandon Jalopy, was used in last nights show during the bar/pool scene played during the part where C.J. took the ball and threw it in the corner pocket." Also Becky Wagner wrote: "The end credit song in the pool hall was 'Evolution Revolution Love' by Tricky. It appears on his lastest cd entitled Blowback. The chorus 'this revolution has just begun' fit perfectly." Also Jason Walling wrote, "the music in the background for that scene was 'Evolution Revolution Love' by Tricky featuring Ed Kowalcyzk from Live."
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