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What was all that about "torrential rains in the Pacific Northwest" in "Commencement"?
People in the security apparatus of the government had figured that talk of torrential rains in the Pacific Northwest was a code phrase. Terrorists don't usually say over public lines of communication that they will bomb this or that, they refer to it in code phrases. The Administration assumed this was a code phrase and when those it was monitoring started talking about it more and more, they figured that a terrorist attack was about to take place. Turned out it might have been misdirection by the terrorists who had the Administration focussing on the Northwest when the terrorists were aiming at Zoey. Or maybe the terrorists and Zoey's kidnapping are unrelated. Hunting terrorists is not an exact science and the United States has many enemies so at the end of the Fourth Season, we still don't know what "increased chatter about torrential rains in the Pacific Northwest" indicated. At the time it was mentioned they thought it indicated that some kind of terrorist activity was imminent and when there were problems in the Pacific Northwest, they thought those things had a better chance of being terrorist related. But...

Is there really a Saw Mill River Nuclear Reactor as was mentioned in "Twenty Five"?
Government Executive Magazine's West Wing Watch says, "The highly informed Don Kettl of the University of Wisconsin weighs in with this choice tidbit: 'There is no Saw Mill River Nuclear Reactor in Richland, Wash., or anywhere else, for that matter. The Saw Mill River is in New York, in Westchester County. The target near Richland would have been the Department of Energy's Hanford facility, not in business but still full of a lot of nasty radioactive junk. There's a Savannah River nuclear facility, but that's in South Carolina.'"

Why was there a yellow school bus in a Gaza settlement in Gaza --- yellow school buses aren't used in Israel?
  • Yonah Sudwerts emailed: "During the scene where Donna is talking to the couple in Kfar Darom, what seems to be a bus (actually, a typical looking Yellow School bus) passes in the background. I have lived here for almost 12 years, and have never seen a bus that looks like that here."
  • "raptorgirl" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum: "the 'yellow school bus' doesn't exist in that region... I... liv[ed] nearby there."

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