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  • Why don't the President's doctors don't pick up on his MS in the very thorough annual exam all Presidents are given?
    • It seems that MS is fairly difficult to diagnose and if someone didn't mention his symptoms, doctors may never look for the indications. As Sam Stephens writes: "The only way to be certain of a diagnosis of MS is to do an MRI of the skull. If he doesn't have this done during his yearly exam (and why would he?), they would not find out he has the disease." For more information see The National Multiple Sclerosis Society which states: "There is no laboratory test, symptom, or physical finding which, when present or positive, always means a person has MS." About the type of MS Bartlet has, it says: "A relapsing-remitting course [of MS is] characterized by partial or total recovery after attacks (also called exacerbations, relapses, or flares). This is the most common form of MS."

    Who knew about the MS first?
    The List from [#41] of the people beside the President:
    1. First Lady
    2. Elizabeth
    3. Ellie
    4. Zoey
    5. Doctor/Radiologist1
    6. Doctor/Radiologist2
    7. Doctor/Radiologist3
    8. Doctor/Radiologist4
    9. Doctor/Radiologist5
    10. Doctor/Radiologist6
    11. President's Brother, Jonathan
    12. Vice President
    13. Leo [#112]
    14. Fitzwallace (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs)
    15. Anesthesiologist at GW Hosptial [#201]
    16. Toby
    And we discover that someone else has known:
    1. Charlie
    And as of #41:
    1. White House Counsel

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