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How Many Christmases in the White House
In #32 Noël, Toby says, "The last two Christmases in this White House, I've been accused of not being in the proper spirit." But around last Christmas it was made fairly clear that was their first Christmas in the White House, there was talk of being in the White House for a year, etc. We were not alone in noticing this:
  • Jack wrote: "While watching the Thanksgiving Episode #30 "Shibboleth", C.J. says that last year she was sick. She did not know about the pardoning of the turkeys. In #32 "NoŽl" Toby mentions that the last two years he was given static because there had been no music in the lobby. This leads me to think that the Bartlet team was in the White House for three Christmas' but only two Thanksgivings'."
  • Kasey wrote: "Toby said 'The past two Christmases in the White House...' But if they were elected in Dec. of '98, that would mean this would only be the second Christmas in the White House. The first would've been last year."
  • And Jeffrey T. Anbinder wrote: "In #32 (Noel), Toby says, 'The last two Christmases in this White House, I've been accused of not being in the proper spirit.' TWO Christmases? Isn't this the end of their second year in the White House - and wouldn't they have moved in in January of their first? So this should be their second Christmas, not their third."

When was the 107th Congress in this world? And does that give us the date in the West Wing World?
In the "real" world, the 107th Congress started in January of 2001, when the episode that mentions it was shown [#33]. This gives further indication, along with the mentions of a "new century" and arguments on when the millennium starts, that the west wing world corresponds with the years in which the episodes originally broadcast. Contrary indications come from the fact that there was aa Verizon booth in a flashback that would have taken place before Verizon existed. For more information on this, see "What year is it in the West Wing world?"

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