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Possible Time Line.
Information in Black is authenticated. Guesses are in grey. The years are an assumption based on indications within the episodes. No year has ever been directly mentioned within the show.
Born: 1942-ish
Raised: in New Hampshire
High School: graduated 1960 from the Prep School his father was Headmaster of.
College: started 1960 at Notre Dame
Graduate School: Probably started right after graduating. By 1967: "When I was 26, I . . . . nearly got thrown out of the London School of Economics."
Married: Married Abigail in 1967. She must have been in England at the time they met and shortly before their marriage she was seeing another American who was going to become an economist.
New Hampshire Legislature: 1971 - ?
Economics Professor: Was probably a professor most of the time while in the legislature since the New Hampshire Legislature only meets every other year and then only for half the year so he could have had time to teach, perhaps at Dartmouth, which as Christian Berle points out is in New Hampshire (or at Harvard or Yale even, though those are out of state) and develop and publish whatever theory it was that won him a Nobel Prize.
Daughters Born: Zoey would have been born about 1981. Two other daughters before that.
Three Term Congressman
from New Hampshire
1983-1989 (Since he has "never lost an election", he may have promised when he first campainged that he would only stay for three terms or he may have just decided he could do more good as Governor)
Wins Nobel Prize: Year Unknown
Two Term Governor
of New Hampshire
?1991-1995?As Keith F. Odom points out "New Hampshire is one of only a few states (I know Vermont is another) where the governor serves only a two-year term". This has been verified by Christian Berle.
Diagnosised with Multiple Sclerosis: 1993
Runs for President: 1996-1998
Elected President: November 1998
Becomes President: January 1999
Shot: May/June 2000

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