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Possible Time Line.
Information in Black is authenticated. Guesses are in grey.
Born: 1941-ish
Raised: 1941-1958-ish in Boston and perhaps Chicago.
Father Committed
College: 1958-ish (Michigan)
Military Service: 1962-ish -1967Probably started right after graduating with BA. He flew planes in the war and it would have taken a six year commitment to go through flight training in either the Air Force. (It is not impossible that he went to law school before the military, but is seems unlikely.) Was flying in 1966. [#49]
Married: 1967ish. Mallory is about 26 to 28 so Leo and Jenny must have been married shortly after he returned from Vietnam
Law School: 1967-1970-ish
(or alternatively before military).
Daughter Mallory
Became Political
Secretary of Labor: 1992ish-1996ish . Was Secretary of Labor in 1993 and people didn't have to count back to check, so he had been and would continue to be in that job before and after that. (And Josh was still calling him Mr. Secretary in 1997, though Leo reminded him that he had resigned from the cabinet.) Probably during a Republican Administration.
Voluntarily admits
self to Sierra Tuscon
for treatment of
substance abuse
June of 1993
Talks Bartlet into
Running for President
Runs Bartlet's Campaign
for President
Becomes White House
Chief of Staff
January 1999
Jenny asks for
Oct/Nov 1999

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