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NBC is reporting that "The West Wing" (Wednesdays, 9-10 p.m. ET) will enter its fifth season in 2003-04 with an accomplished team of writers signing on to the Emmy Award-winning drama, it was announced today by Jeff Zucker, President, NBC Entertainment.

"The list of writers (including executive producer John Wells, who will write the season's first two episodes) are Eli Attie, Debora Cahn, Carol Flint, Mark Goffman, Alexa Junge, Peter Noah, Lawrence O'Donnell, Paul Redford, Josh Singer and John Sacret Young...."

  • Carol Flint "also served as a writer and producer on 'China Beach' before she segued to become executive producer on 'Earth 2' and later 'ER' (where she earned an Emmy when the series was named Outstanding Drama Series in 1995-96). She recently was executive producer on the cable movie 'The Big Time' and was executive producer of 'The Court.' Earlier in her career, she produced and wrote for 'L.A. Law' and 'China Beach.'"
  • Alexa Junge "was a writer and creative consultant on 'Sex and the City.' She also was a co-executive producer on NBC's 'Friends' and on the writing staff of 'Once and Again.'"
  • Peter Noah "recently wrote and executive-produced NBC's 'War Stories' movie and previously was a consulting producer on 'Yes, Dear' and executive producer on 'Ladies Man' and 'Anything But Love.'"
  • Lawrence O'Donnell "won an Emmy Award as a producer of NBC's 'The West Wing,' where he served as a writer and producer for its first two seasons. He co-wrote an episode of 'The West Wing' concerning the death penalty which won the 2000 Humanitas Prize for Drama Series writing that 'communicate(s) those values which most enrich the human person.' He served earlier this year as creator and executive producer on the political drama 'Mister Sterling.' In addition, O'Donnell is also MSNBC's senior political analyst and serves as a panelist on 'The McLaughlin Group.'"
  • John Sacret Young, "who would be a consulting producer on 'The West Wing,' created the critically acclaimed 'China Beach,' where he was executive producer with John Wells, current executive producer of 'The West Wing' (as well as NBC's 'ER' and 'Third Watch'). As a result, Young earned a Writers Guild Award and a George Foster Peabody Award for his creative efforts on 'China Beach.' Recently, Young has concentrated on television movies, including 'The Pentagon Papers,' 'Muhammad Ali: King of the World,' 'Sirens' and 'Thanks of a Grateful Nation.'"

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