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Series Credits
for Writer & Director Credits for each Show, see the Episode Guide List.   For an complete listing of credits for each episode see The West Wing Episode Guide.
Creator:Aaron Sorkin Emmy Award
for Outstanding Writing
in a Drama Series &
Best Drama Series
Executive producers: Aaron Sorkin, Thomas Schlamme, John WellsEmmy Award
for Best Drama Series
Co-executive producer: Michael Hissrich (season 1)
Kevin Falls (season 2/3)
Supervising producer: Christopher Misiano (season 3)
Producers: Llewellyn Wells, Kristin Harms, Alex Graves (season 3), Michael Hissrich (season 3)
Co-Producer:Michael Hissrich (season 2), Paul Redford (season 3), Neil Ahern (season 3)
Associate Producers: Robert Glass (season 1)
Julie Herlocker, Mindy Kanaskie (season 2 & 3), Patrick Ward (season 3)
Produced by: John Wells Productions in Association with Warner Bros. Television
Advisors, Consultants
(The Writing Team)
(what Brill's Content called Sorkin's "brain trust"):
Patrick Caddel (was Jimmy Carter's pollster & strategist),
Lawrence O'Donnell (was Senator Moynihan's assistant on the Senate Finance Committee),
Dee Dee Myers (one time Press Secretary to Clinton Administration)
Staff WriterPaul Redford (season 1)
Origination: Los Angeles, Calif. and on location in Washington, D.C.
Director of Photography:Thomas A. Del RuthEmmy Award
for Cinematography
Cinematography: Tom Del Ruth, Mike Fash
Camera Operator: Kit Whitmore
Theme & Music: W.G. Snuffy WaldenEmmy Award
for Outstanding
Theme Music
Music supervisor: Roxanne Lippel (season 1?), Ann Kline (season 3)
Editors: Christopher Nelson (pilot); Bill Johnson, Tina Hirsch (season 2), Russell Denove (season 3), Lauren Schafer (season 3)
Casting Directors: Barbara Miller, John Levey (season 1 & 2), Kevin Scott (season 1 & 2), Tony Sepulveda (season 3)Emmy Award
for Casting
Season 2
(listed only for first two seasons)
Jeff Block, John Levey, Barbara Miller, Kevin Scott (V)
Sound Department:
(listed only for first two seasons)
Kenneth B. Ross
Script Supervisor:
(listed only for first two seasons)
Petra Jorgensen
Production Designer:
(listed only for first two seasons)
Jon HutmanEmmy Award
for Art Direction
Production Design:
(listed only for first two seasons)
Ken Hardy
Set Designer:
(listed only for first two seasons)
Mike Stassi
Location Manager -
Washington D.C.:
Joseph Martin

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