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Mandy claims she doesn't understand why someone would like Josh:
"Someone gave you a year's supply of fruit?"
" There are people who like me."

When financial disclosure reveals that Josh got gifts from a woman, Mandy calls him on it:
"Sarah Wissenger!"
"Yes. A smoking jacket and a cigarette holder. Both declared items. I am clean as a whistle."
"You received these gifts on July 3rd."
"I'm sensing trouble, but I can't quite---"
"You and I didn't break up until July 9th."
"Ah, there it was, right in front of my face."
"She was giving you presents on July 3rd?"
"You knew I knew Sarah."
"I didn't know she was giving you presents."
"They weren't by way of saying 'Thanks for sleeping with me' if that's what you mean."
"Don't talk to me...." When Toby joins them, Mandy tells him, "Sarah Wissen-slut gave him the jacket on July 3rd."
"I really thought a nice by-product of not going out with you anymore would be that you wouldn't yell at me anymore," Josh says.
"That was a bit unrealistic, wasn't it?" [#104]

When all of his colleagues agree they need Mandy, Josh opposes it. Leo asks him
"Can you think of a single reason not to use Mandy that isn't personal?"
"Sure.... She used to be my girlfriend! ...All right--- listen--- fine--- I'm a team player. I think my record is pretty clear on that.... As long as she understands that she answers to me and she answers to Toby. I don't want to have to go 15 rounds with her in the oval office.... I'm going to draw a chart for her with lines and arrows, clearly indicating that she answers to me and she answers to Toby.... She answers to me and she answers to Toby." [#102]

When offering Mandy and her assistant, Daisy, a job with the Administration, Josh tells them:
"Okay, we have some rules." First thing Mandy did when offered the job is punch him, of course.
"I don't want to hear your rules," Mandy tells him, walking away.
"What are the rules?" Daisy asks.
"Number one, she can't punch me...."
"It's not like he's doing us a favor."
"You are a good man, Josh." Daisy says.
"Yes, I really am quite something."
"Just want to die," Mandy responds.
Josh then tells Mandy another rule, "...I really can't emphasize this enough. You answer to me and you answer to Toby. My office is drawing up some instructional charts that pretty much outline the chain of command. For instance, you answer to me and you answer to Toby."
"...In your dreams.... In your little dreams." [#102]
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