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Amy Gardner
Mary-Louise Parker as Amy Gardner
Position: Was director of the Women's Leadership Coalition, later Chief of Staff for the First Lady.
Age: unknown
Played By: Mary-Louise Parker

Education: Brown and Yale Law School

Religion: unknown

Work History: "I spent a year and a half as issues director for NOW, two years as political director for Emily's List, founder of the Democratic Women's Forum, AA to Hope Schrader, and director of the Women's Leadership Coalition.... I beat back five anti-choice judicial nominees, got the Violence Against Women Act re-authorized with a Republican majority and raised $22 million for House candidates." [#418]

Romantic Interests: Was involved with Josh Lyman for a short time (she and Josh have known each other since their college days when she was dating Josh's roommate, Chris). Before she got involved with Josh, she was dating a Congressman.

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