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How and why this site was formed and how you can help
Obviously the site was created because one (or more people) is a little obsessive! But then as is discussed in Inside the West Wing, there was also the broken elbow which left someone with nothing to do but watch tapes and take notes.
From there the site developed in the way it did because viewers wrote in with information that the production company wasn't listening to.
We do have three other websites:
An introduction to the BBC's "Blake's 7" (from Fantasy Empire),
An episode guide to the 70's series "Kung Fu" (filled with quotations and connections to real history and philosophy)
And a guide on Promoting a Website in the Search Engines and warnings about mistakes you can make in designing your site that will prevent the site from getting good rankings.
People are always asking how they can help.
Here are some ways:
  1. Find mistakes on the site and let us know about them. By doing so, you will help edit the site and get mentioned on our Mistakes page, which should be called our Editors page.
  2. Add information to the site. When the show mentions something, send us links to more information on that subject. We don't always have time to put up everything but we are always interested.
  3. Whenever you want West Wing merchandise, Amazon books, something from NBC, start your shopping experience from our merchandise section. We get a little something and it helps pay a small part of the direct costs of the site (nothing for our time, of course, but then there is the obsession that covers some of that).
  4. Bookmark this site (or add it to "Favorites") if possible so you don't have to go back to click on the site at some of the search engines since we pay when you click on a link to us from some places (we love to get new people that way, but would prefer to only pay the first time you come to us).
  5. If you are a member of the Production Team for the West Wing, you can have the facts in a script checked before filming. Fewer mistakes would make our job easier.
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