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  1. Availability of VHS or DVD's of the show including upcoming seasons
  2. The Dr. Laura - type person -- Bartlet quotes from the Bible
  3. The Story about a guy falling in a hole
  4. Bartlet's favorite movie: "To Be 50 and a King", "It matters how you fall down".
  5. Why are there so many reruns?
  6. Writing Aaron Sorkin and other people connected to the show.
  7. Where are transcripts available?
  8. Are you an official site for the show?
  9. Music, Soundtrack, theme music
  10. Just come home: Father - daughter moment
  11. Big Block of Cheese Day
  12. What year is it in the West Wing's World?
  13. C.J. Singing "The Jackal"
  14. Individual Episodes: First, Second or Third Seasons
  15. Individual Characters
  16. Censure Resolution
  17. Presidential Seal
  18. Photos & Posters
  19. Merchandise
  20. Credits for the West Wing
  21. Recent Episodes - last episode
  22. Upcoming Episodes
  23. Multiple Sclerosis - MS
  24. Awards
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Bartlet's Speech to Radio Host about Biblical Admonitions
Episode #25
Speech itself
Email Letter it was from
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Fan Fiction
We have no fan fiction - see our Resources page under fan fiction
Tapes or DVD
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Mrs. Landingham
We have two main pages: Mrs. Landingham and Mrs. Landingham & the President

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Seal Query: Does the Eagle look the other direction in times of war?
Also see our Frequently Asked Questions page for information on how to reach the producers (you may have more luck than we have) or if the show will be available on VHS and DVD (we have heard nothing to give us hope on that (and we can't help except to offer advice on ways to find trading partners), etc.

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For complete lists go to The West Wing Episode Guide for that information.

Photos are spread throughout the site. There is no list of all of the 200 some photos on the site.

Information on music used in a particular episode is probably available from the page on that episode. The theme music is by Snuffy Walden. Plus we have links to several music albums that contain music used on the show.

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