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The site went public June 25, 2000 and is now over six years old. By the way we have no intention of taking down the site after the series finale. We expect to keep it up for years.

Changes listed here do NOT include the weekly updates of new episodes (which are linked from the home page), which we try to get up right after the show, the Queries about those and other episodes which are put up several times a week, nor do they include the little things we do every day.
Do not assume we only change the things listed herewith. These are just the things we remember to list. The most common changes that we rarely list are linked from the most recent episodes
In the past we have only put big things in this listing but from now on, we are going to try to list more changes as we do them.

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Changes before September 1, 2003
9/14/06Charity Auction: Items Bradley Whitford wore to the Emmys.
9/9/06Changes: Check out the information on the Complete West Wing Series on our home page and don't forget our guide to the new Aaron Sorkin series (also linked from the home page).
5/1/06Changes: Our News page has a link to an auction for the second to last episode (next week's?).
4/30/06Changes: Our News page has a link to Warner Brothers site where they allow you to see the special features on the U.S. DVD sets.
4/09/06New page: We do have a page up on the latest episode. We are behind in some previous episodes but this one couldn't wait. This website was started because another West Wing website suggested that Leo was a very minor character on the show. Leo was the center of the show.
3/23/06News: West Wing Book
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Published March 13, 2006

The Prime-Time Presidency:
The West Wing and U.S. Nationalism

by Trevor Parry-Giles, Shawn J. Parry-Giles

Also available in hardcover

Also available in Britain
Also available in Canada
6th Season DVD 
6th Season
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Aaron Sorkin Shaping the President
on TV's West Wing
3/04/06Changes: We have added a scene to our page on #710 "Running Mates" and we have also now put scenes into #711 "Internal Displacement"
12/15/05News: "mgoshawk" sent us a link to a new The West Wing Wiki which you can help edit.
10/25/05New info on Sorkin's next TV show: MC: SNL is DOA says, "I received a copy of Aaron Sorkin's spec script, 'Studio 7' -- his secret project that caused near-chaos in Hollywood when he suddenly started shopping it a few weeks ago. Everyone loved it, everyone said great things, and after reading it ... I couldn't agree more. It's already my new favorite show even though they haven't started casting it yet -- like 'Larry Sanders,' only if it was about 'SNL.' In a viciously clever way, Sorkin's pilot script pretty much obliterates SNL and everything that happened to the show over the past few years, as well as TV networks and the post-Janet Jackson/FCC Era in general. It's a masterpiece. It's perfect. I can't say enough about it. When this show debuts next year (or whenever), it will be impossible to take SNL seriously anymore. I'm telling you." ---previous info under news
10/15/05News: Check out our News page and, if you want, the Spoilers page.
5th Season

Fifth Season
Available for Pre-Order
8/27/05Information: "mgoshawk" sent us a link to a Bring Back Sorkin Petition. It says:

To: NBC Studios

We, the undersigned, hereby request that writer/producer/creator Aaron Sorkin return to The West Wing and relieve John Wells.

8/26/05New page: New page is up on 703 "Message of the Week" with new official artwork.
8/23/05New pages: New pages are up on 701 "The Ticket" and 702 "The Mommy Problem".
7/10/05Changes: There is new information about what Aaron Sorkin is doing these days in an interview in The Guardian. We have a link on the Aaron Sorkin page.
7/9/05New for Britain/Europe: Amazon UK just listing Season 6 Available for Pre-Order in Region 2 DVD
(Above Region 2 DVDs won't play on most North American DVD players)

New for U.S.: "mgoshawk" emailed us that several places are reporting that NBC will be doing reruns:
"there are going to be reruns on upcoming Saturdays, always at 8PM and 9PM ET."
  • "The Dover Test" and "In The Room" showing on July 23rd.
  • "Impact Winter" and "Faith Based Initiative" showing on July 30.
7/04/05New pages: We finally have the start of pages up on the three new main characters. If anyone has any additional quotes on these three, please email us.
5/21/05Changes: Finally we have a page up that gives scenes from "90 Miles Away." We apologize for the delay in posting this.
5/16/05News: Jason Long just emailed us a link to an ABC report that NBC just announced the following: "NBC is moving the political drama 'The West Wing' to Sunday nights, with the campaign to replace Martin Sheen as the mythical president continuing."
5/12/05Changes: May 12, 2005 - Thank you all for your patience. We want to announce that we finally have a page up that gives scenes from "Things Fall Apart." We apologize for the delay in posting this. We did put up a longer than normal page as a reward for your patience --- well, actually, because we found there was a lot going on in this episode. We are aware that we still need to do "Ninety Miles Away" and hope to do so soon.
3/4/05News: We had been listing news only on our Spoiler Blog which we know some people do not read. We will try to do better by duplicating news information on our news page. For instance we now have: Bradley Whitford things up for auction and a poll or two, etc.
October 3, 2004 - Still images are now available for the first episode of the new season: "N.S.F. Thurmond"
10/2/04Apology: We wish to apologize for the fact that updates have been few and far between for the last few weeks. We have been moving and it is a huge undertaking and has kept us from being as diligent as we would normally be.
8/25/04News: Third Season DVDs now Available for Pre-Order - 35% off and free shipping.
8/23/04News: There is a new site out there --- dedicated to Gail or Gayle the Goldfish. People have often asked me for a complete list of the decorations in the bowl from episode to episode, well this site has it. Plus a list of what episodes she appears in.
8/22/04Apology: We apologize for the fact that we have not done as much updating recently as we normally do. We are trying to buy a new house and it takes almost all our energy outside of work and keeping up with the news. We are hoping this will end soon --- maybe with out death from the stress!
7/15/04New pages: List of the West Wing Emmy Nominations fro 2004.
7/11/04News: "The West Wing" will begin its sixth-season campaign on Wednesday, Oct. 20 (9-10 p.m. ET). This information was emailed to us by Maura O'Connor.
6/18/04New pages: We have started a page on What Sorkin is Doing Now which may not change that often but we will try to keep up with what news is coming out. We have new information on a script he has finished and one he is now starting.
6/16/04Changes: There is brand new SPOILER information on the first episode of the next season.
5/19/04About emails sent to this site: There are occasions when we don't answer because we actually don't know what to say. But there are also people who write us frantically for information and we answer and the email bounces back. We just sent five emails to someone using every method we could think of and all bounced back. We know spam is bad but if you want an answer to an email from us, you had better make sure your spam filter is set to accept email from our domain name at least until you get a response because we aren't going through this again --- from now on we try only once and it may not be from the exact same email you are writing to although it should be from the same domain.
5/15/04Bravo is going to show the 10 most popular episodes on Memorial Day (May 31) and offers you the chance to vote for your five favorites.
5/06/04Changes: We have finally updated the page for British material. We apologize to our British and Region 2 readers for not having updated it sooner. If you haven't gotten the West Wing DVDs by now, there is a Season 1 & 2 set for Region two that is cheaper than either of the seasons by themselves. And if you want them all together so far, you can get a set with all three seasons for less than the price of the first two seasons if you got them separately. There are still more things we need to add links for but this is a start.
4/19/04New offer: Amazon is offering a DVD set with both of the first two seasons of West Wing for Region 1. Like the second season, it will be available May 18th.
4/03/04New pages: We have added a page of Off Topic new and upcoming DVDs like "Kill Bill" and the Theatrical Versions of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the Star Wars Special Editions Trilogy
3/13/04New link:
dontsaveourshow.org is a group of fans starting a petition (to be sent March 24, 2004) to persuade NBC to remove John Wells' unrecognizable version of "our favorite show from the air" - The petition says, in part, "The West Wing is no longer recognizable as the bright, witty, intelligent show Aaron Sorkin created. Therefore we, the undersigned fans of the original West Wing, respectfully request that you put the actors and the audience out of our collective misery and cancel it at the end of this season."
(editors note: we at the Continuity Guide have no connection with this petition but we know many viewers are frustrated so we thought we would provide this link for those who are interested in becoming part of this; not that NBC is likely to listen but it we have never before heard of fans who petitioned to have their show stopped and that might make someone pay some attention.)
3/10/04New section: We were sent information on where to find a floor plan of the real West Wing and we have added a link to it.
2/10/04Changes: Season Two DVDs are now available for pre-order but we are recommending waiting to see if the price goes down.
12/28/03News: We don't usually discuss the actors much on this site but on Monday December 29, during the last hour of prime time, NBC will run the all West Wing Celebrity Poker Showdown and people interested in the show might find it interesting to see these people interact with each other.
12/18/03New pages: "The West Wing" has been nominated for three "Golden Globe awards: "Best Drama", "Best Actress" (Janney), and "Best Actor", Sheen.
11/18-21/03Changes: The DVDs are out and people are talking about them and as soon as we get ours, we hope to make a page about the Extras.
11/10/03Changes: Adding more and more comments of critics --- amazingly, a lot of them like this "more realistic" version of the show. Don't they have enough realism in the world around them?
11/02/03New pages: We have started a page that will quote from some of the critics talking about the fifth season.
10/31/03Changes: Check out the new "Season to Date Ratings" in the above right box. As of now, the new season is #13 for the season. Somebody likes the new episodes.
10/20/03New pages: Season Five page started.
10/19/03New pages: How W.G. Snuffy Walden wrote the theme music.
9/23/03New pages: Pages are now up on the first three episodes of the new season. Linked from the Upcoming Episodes list on the left of the home page
9/18/03Changes: Additional information about the Emmys --- some of which have already been announced.
9/17/03Changes: We have added a picture of Kathleen York to the page on Toby, Andy and the Twins. Plus there is a picture at the bottom of the page of her new CD. Also there is now a picture of Andy on the secondary characters page.
9/9/03New pages: Information on the extras that will be incorporated into the First Season DVDs.
9/9/03Changes: We are changing out email address. If you have our old email address in your address book, please replace it with the one in the footer of this page. The one we had was in every spam directory dozens of times and was even being used to send spam and viruses. And when we got 2500 emails in one day a couple of weeks ago and had to dump all the email without even looking at it, we decided a change was needed. If you send to the old address, you will get an automated email that tells you to come to the site and pick up the new email address. Sorry for any inconvenience.
9/8/03Changes: Kathleen York, who plays Andrea Wyatt (Toby's Ex), is coming out with her third Music album.
9/4/03New page: The New York Times really has done a front page (or linked from the home page of its online version) on String Theory and the Theory of Everything as Josh said they would in "The Midterms" supposedly taking place on November 2, 2000. This real article doesn't say that the solution has been found to the Theory of Everything, though. We had a previous page done right after the episode was broadcast.
9/3/03News: Amazon has reduced it's price back to 35% off and the new DVDs have moved up to a Sales Rank (DVD) of 29
9/2/03News: Two and a half months before it comes out, the new DVDs have Amazon.com Sales Rank (DVD): 43
9/1/03Changes: Bravo has some changes coming up. First they will be re-running the first season starting at 11 am September 15 and five days a week thereafter. Then for at least a few Sundays, there will be no Sunday repeats.
8/30/03New pages: NBC is putting out information on the new writers joining the team for the fifth season.
8/29/03New pages: New page on Gary Cole joining the show.
8/28/03Changes: NBC has made a picture of Gary Cole available and we have put it on the new Spoiler Blog which already had information on some of his past television appearances.
8/16/03New pages: We have been wanting for years to do a page about Aaron Sorkin but we didn't actually have much information that we felt we could depend on. But a few nights ago, he was interviewed on Charlie Rose and so we were able to put down some of his own words on what he feels about the show and where he is now and where he is going.
8/14/03Changes: We finally finished off that final scene in "Inauguration: Over There".
8/13/03New pages: Instead of bringing the sitemap up to date, we have been adding features. Latest one is a page on what recurring or secondary characters appear in what episodes.
8/6/03New pages: We have started a Spoiler Blog (most recent information will be at the top). Some previous spoilers will be incorporated. But there is now information on the third episode of the Fifth Season.
8/5/03Changes: New Overlaps between West Wing and Sports Night: "The Level of Debate" and Felton Perry
7/26/03Changes: Additional spoilers just added for the first and second episode of the fifth season.
7/21/03Changes: Additional spoilers just added for the fifth season.
7/19/03New page: Bravo complete Schedule for August now available
7/17/03New page: Suzi Teghtmeyer has again sent us the West Wing Emmy nominations - just announced today.
7/15/03New page: Spoiler information on the Fifth Season.
7/4/03New page: We have a page on the Bravo schedule for reruns since they have announced when they will start and there are reports of how they will run the episodes. Start date is August 10.
6/26/03Changes: Server migration seems to have been completed. Now we can go on with our changes. Oh, and one of our viewers just reminded us that we are now three years old. Thanks, Lee, for the Happy Birthday and the reminder to change this page (above).
6/21/03 Changes: Still waiting for the server migration,
6/10/03Changes: Inspired by our own recent acquisition of the Complete Emma Peel years of "The Avengers", we have expanded our page on Other TV Shows currently available on DVD.
We also now have a link to White House positions and salaries from our page on West Wing job titles.
And that server change is due any day now. There may well be problems so be warned and be assured that if the site goes down, we will be back up soon.
6/6/03Changes: Stockard Channing and John Spencer are saying they are hearing rumors that Sorkin and Schlamme may both be back for the first two episodes of the next season.
5/31/03Changes: We have a great new addition to the site due to the generosity of Linda Mayberry who took a picture of the George Magazine cover shown for a second in the pilot. It was in a display case at Warner Brother's Tour. A small picture is on the episode page for the pilot and if you click on that, you will see a larger version where you can read the cover stories. New Queries for "20 Hours in L.A." and "The Leadership Breakfast"
5/29/03Warning: Sometime in the next few days we are going to be changing servers. Last year when this happened we were offline for a day or so. If you come to the site and it isn't there, do not worry that we have died. It is just a problem that developed with the migration.
Changes: Oh, I forgot to mention that we added another overlap to the Sports Night/West Wing overlap section (last one of the miscellaneous part of the Miscellaneous section --- on the second page). Also we were linked to from an article on the West Wing in Salon Magazine.
5/28/03Changes: We finally have new links for ordering season 2 in Australia.
5/26/03Changes: To the page on Episode 2. Also for the first time we are adding real information to the page on Mandy.
5/25/03New pages: Finally a page started on Josh and Mandy.
5/24/03New pages: Started new pages for the following relationships: Josh and Sam and Jed and Abbey.
Changes: With the help of M. Turner, we have gone over the pilot and "Five Votes Down" and added material and corrections to those pages.
5/23/03Changes: Just discovered that NBC has come out with a new T-Shirt that has the White House as well as the West Wing Logo on it.
5/22/03New page: We have started a page on Ed and Larry. We have added dialogue to the page on Will.
5/21/03Changes: The pilot episode has been redone: we made the page layout more in line with the later episodes and corrected mistakes found by Merlin Turner.
5/19/03Changes: New Information --- British DVD and VHS of the Second Half of Season Two now available for Pre-order - Release date scheduled for July 28, 2003.
5/18/03Changes: Just discovered we have a page started that we may not have linked to: a Glossary of some terms used on the show. We hope to add to it as we update the site this summer. And we promise now that the season is over to get to those changes and corrections that you all have emailed us about. And this summer we fully intend to get the sitemap to reflect a good portion of what is in the site, unlike the 1% or so that it does now. And we will also go through the resources to find those links that have died and also organize the newer links. Thanks to you all for bearing with us during a year in which we got so far behind. The Timeline has also been updated.
5/17/03Changes: Changed Toby and Andy page to cover Toby, Andy & the Twins. John Goodman has been added to the Secondary Characters page though we usually wait until someone has been in at least two episodes before doing that. And more information is now available about the new book "The Clinton Wars" which seems to describe the West Wing as we know it from the show. Oh, and we have started a page on Leo and Margaret. And it just occurred to us to get the resignation onto the Vice President's page.
5/11/03 Changes: In "Six Meetings before Lunch" Bartlet is reading from George Washington's Rules of Civility and due to a posting at Television Without Pity, we now have some information about that book.
5/9/03New page: Start of a page on the new West Wing book out this month. Currently we have the chapter titles and the authors and where you can get the book in the U.S., Canada, and Britain. More later
5/8/03New page: The relationship between Toby and Andy now has a page of its own.
Changes: And, of course, we have information up on that song played in Commencement.
5/1/03Changes: News on Aaron Sorkin leaving the show. Tommy Schlamme is leaving as well. In addition we added the reporter Katie Witt to the Secondary Characters page.
4/27/03Changes: We are looking for help with the Timeline. Please look it over and send contrary information or additions to westwing@bewarne.com
4/24/03New pages: Ratings for April 23, 03
Changes: Information on eggs and Josh's reference to brass bands and Joe's response.
4/19/03Changes: Last two episodes added to the Fourth Season page. Also pictures changed on the pages for the next two episodes.
4/7/03New pages: Finally got up a page on Amy Gardner.
Changes: More Queries for episode #419. And we have added a new connection to the episode pages: links to conversations from the episode elsewhere in the site. So far these links only exist on the page for the last episode. [#419]
4/5/03Changes: New conversation added to the Josh/Donna page about her being and "also-dead" and dating "so many Republicans". And new conversations for the Will and C.J. pages. Also a new Amy picture for the Secondary Characters page.
4/3/03Changes: Our page on Will Bailey finally has a picture thanks to Jason Walling

Changes before April 1, 2003

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