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1 (101) (pilot) (Sept. 22, 1999)
w:Aaron Sorkin, d:Thomas Schlamme
Beepers inform the senior White House staff that the President ran a bicycle into a tree and is injured.
     Subplot: Josh & the Religious Right
2 (102) - Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc (Sept. 29, 1999)
w:Aaron Sorkin, d:Thomas Schlamme
The President's doctor and other Americans are killed when their plane is shot down in the Middle East.
3 (103) - A Proportional Response (Oct. 6, 1999)
w: Aaron Sorkin, d: Marc Buckland
An angry President wants vengeance against those who killed Americans.
4 (104) - Five Votes Down (Oct. 13, 1999)
teleplay:Aaron Sorkin, story:Lawrence O'Donnell Jr. & Patrick Caddel, d:Michael Lehmann
Leo forgets his anniversary while trying to save a bill the staff had thought was secure.
5 (105) - The Crackpots and These Women (Oct. 20, 1999)
w:Aaron Sorkin, d:Anthony Drazon
Leo insists the staff hear from members of fringe groups of society.
6 (106) - Mr. Willis of Ohio (Nov. 3, 1999)
w:Aaron Sorkin, d:Christopher Miziano
In between games of poker the staff finds itself concerned with the census.
7 (107) - The State Dinner (Nov. 10, 1999)
w:Aaron Sorkin & Paul Redford, d:Thomas Schlamme
A hurricane & a strike threaten the country while an FBI standoff and a state dinner take place.
8 (108) - Enemies (Nov. 17, 1999)
teleplayRon Osborn & Jeff Reno, story:Rick Cleveland, Lawrence O'Donnell Jr & Patrick Caddell d:Alan Taylor
The staff disagrees about what should be done when an unpopular rider is attached to their popular banking bill.
9 (109) - The Short List (Nov. 24, 1999)
teleplay:Aaron Sorkin & Patrick Caddell, story:Aaron Sorkin & Dee Dee Myers d:Bill D'Elia
The President chooses between two possible Supreme Court nominees while a Congressman accuses the staff of using drugs.
10 (110) - In Excelsis Deo (Dec. 15, 1999)
w:Aaron Sorkin & Rick Cleveland, d:Alex Graves
Christmas finds Toby taking personal responsibility for the funeral of a homeless veteran he never knew..
11 (111) - Lord John Marbury (Jan. 5, 2000)
teleplay:Aaron Sorkin & Patrick Caddell, story:Patrick Caddell & Lawrence O'Donnell Jr d:Kevin Rodney Sullivan
A flamboyant expert on the India/Pakistan dispute is brought in when those two foes clash over Kashmir.
12 (112) - He Shall From Time to Time (Jan. 12, 2000)
w:Aaron Sorkin, d:Arlene Sanford
President Barlet collapses just before the State of the Union and Leo publically admits his alcoholism.
13 (113) - Take Out The Trash Day (Jan. 26, 2000)
w:Aaron Sorkin, d:Thomas Schlamme
Several issues are thrown to the press at one time so nothing will be covered in depth.
14 (114) - Take This Sabbath Day (Feb. 9, 2000)
w:Aaron Sorkin, d:Thomas Schlamme
The President has to decide whether to let an execution procede.
15 (115) - Celestial Navigation (Feb. 16, 2000)
teleplay:Aaron Sorkin, story:Dee Dee Myers & Lawrence O'Donnell Jr d:Christopher Misiano
Josh describes the previous week while Toby and Sam scramble to save their Supreme Court nomination.
16 (116) - 20 Hours In L.A. (Feb. 23, 2000)
w:Aaron Sorkin, d:Alan Taylor
The President flies to LA but Leo stays behind to talk the Vice President into casting the tie breaking vote on a Senate bill which the VP personally opposes.
17 (117) - The White House Pro-Am (Mar. 22, 2000)
w:Lawrence O'Donnell Jr, Paul Redford & Aaron Sorkin, d:Ken Olin
The First Lady and her staff cause problems for the President and his staff.
18 (118) - Six Meetings Before Lunch (Apr. 5, 2000)
w:Aaron Sorkin, d:Clark Johnson
Meetings abound on the morning after the staff gets its Supreme Court nominee approved.
19 (119) "Let Bartlet Be Bartlet" (Apr. 26, 2000)
teleplay:Aaron Sorkin, story:Peter Parnell & Patrick Caddell d:Laura Innes
A paper Mandy wrote while working for the opposition disrupts the routine of the White House.
20 (120) "Mandatory Minimums" (May 3, 2000)
w:Aaron Sorkin, d:Robert Berlinger
The White House invites input from two political operatives from California as they try to hammer out their new drug initiatives.
21 (121) "Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics" (May 10, 2000)
w:Aaron Sorkin, d:Don Scardino
The staff commission a poll to see how the American people like their new initiatives.
22 (122) "What Kind of Day Has it Been" (May 17, 2000)
w:Aaron Sorkin, d:Thomas Schlamme
An assassination attempt is made on President Bartlet and his daughter but others are caught in the cross fire.
     Cliffhanger: Who's Shot & Who's Not

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