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Although this site focuses on the fictional world in which this series exists, that world was created through the efforts of numerous people, networks and production companies in this world.NBC

Credits for the show
W.G. Snuffy Walden
How W.G. Snuffy Walden wrote the theme music

Information on where else in the world the show is playing including Ireland, Britain, Australia, etc.

Other Credits for Aaron Sorkin
Overlaps between Aaron Sorkin's creations

West Wing Episode Guide's Complete List

Recent Awards:
2003 Emmy Nominations - Announced July 18, 2002

First Season: September 1999-May 2000, Wednesday nights at 9 pm (8 central)
Second Season: October 2000-May 2001 - Wednesday nights at 9 pm (8 central)
Third Season: October 2001-May 2002 - Wednesday nights at 9 pm (8 central)
Fourth Season: September 2002-May 14, 2003 - Wednesday nights at 9 pm (8 central)
Fifth Season: scheduled to start September 2003 - Wednesday nights at 9 pm (8 central)

See the overlaps between "The West Wing" and Aaron Sorkin's "Sports Night"

Guest Stars for each episode with the character they played are available at The West Wing Episode Guide.

Internet Movie Database listing of credits (directors, writers, cast & crew)

Internet Movie Database listing of guest stars for each episode

Internet Movie Database listing of "Memorable Quotes"

Awards & Honors include winning the Peabody, and the Humanitas Prize 2000 & having Brill's Content do a cover story. For more recent lists of awards and nominations including the 2002 Golden Globes, please see: The West Wing Resource

See also Actors.

The latest News on the show.
28 Amendment
Don't miss Neal Rechtman's election thriller The 28th Amendment in which an actor
who portrays a fictional US President on television gets drawn into real-world politics
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