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The West WingFor recent continuity problems, see the particular episode it turned up on: at the top of most pages of second, third and fourth season shows there are "Query" listings under the writer, and the date of broadcast. Those Queries will direct you to more information on aspects referred to in that episode.

Nothing is ever perfect. But if you don't pay attention to the kind of mistakes you have made in the past, there is a major possibility that you will just keep repeating the same kinds of mistakes instead of going on to new and better ones.

Continuity errors are contradictions. We try to explain them when we can, but they are usually due to faulty memory on the part of those involved in the creation of a complete world.

Some of Our Queries are Things We are Confused About, Some Are Questions From Other Viewers To Which We Actually Have Answers. There is no order to the following list --- numbers are just to keep things straight (Another list with different Queries is under The Differences in The West Wing World and some day we will have a complete list within our sitemap):

Early (First and Early Second Season) Continuity Problems
  1. The President & His Family
  2. White House Staffers
  3. The Cabinet & Other Branches of Government
  4. Politics and Polls

  5. For later queries see the sitemap on
28 Amendment
Don't miss Neal Rechtman's election thriller The 28th Amendment in which an actor
who portrays a fictional US President on television gets drawn into real-world politics
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