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Bartlet Josiah "Jed" Bartlet
President of the United States

played by
Martin Sheen

JoshJosh Lyman
Deputy Chief of Staff

played by
Bradley Whitford

C.J.Claudia Jean "C.J." Cregg
White House Press Secretary

played by
Allison Janney

CharlieCharles "Charlie" Young
Presidential Aide

played by
Dulé Hill

AbbeyDr. Abigail "Abbey" Bartlet
First Lady

played by
Stockard Channing

Will Bailey Will Bailey
Deputy Communications Dir.
Later VP Chief of Staff (2002-)

played by
Joshua Malina

Santos Matt Santos
Presidential Candidate (2004-)

played by
Jimmy Smits

LeoLeo Thomas McGarry
White House Chief of Staff

played by
John Spencer

TobyToby Ziegler
Communications Director

played by
Richard Schiff

SamSam Norman Seaborn
Deputy Communications Dir. (1999-2003)

played by
Rob Lowe

DonnaDonnatella "Donna" Moss
Assistant to Josh Lyman

played by
Janel Moloney

MandyMadeline "Mandy" Hampton
Political Consultant (1999-2000)

played by
Moira Kelly

Kate Harper Kate Harper
Deputy Nat'l Security Advisor (2004-)

played by
Mary McCormack

Vinick Arnold Vinick
Presidential Candidate (2004-)

played by
Alan Alda

Annabeth Annabeth Schott
Assistant to Toby then Leo

played by
Kristin Chenoweth
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